Dr.Jade I. Hawksworth 

Tissue Leakage Proteins (TLPs) as possible biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease
(promotor of the grant  Prof. Kris Gevaert)

Recently developed proteomics workflow will be used to improve detection of proteins resulting from the cerebral neurodegeneration underlying PD. This workflow enriches low-level neuronal proteins by taking advantage of two natural and mostly mutually exclusive protein features: N-glycosylation and N-terminal protein acetylation. Modification of the glycan chains on the glycosylated proteins facilitates their capture and removal, thus resulting in the enrichment of brain-derived intracellular proteins. Mass spectrometry will take place using the reproducible and unbiased data-independent acquisition (DIA) model
 In this project, Jade will analyze samples and controls using the TLP isolation protocol and DIA model.